A guide to growing weed indoors


Whoever said that you get a high while smoking weed or consuming it any other form has not experienced the high of growing their own weed indoors! Growing marijuana right inside your home gives you a new thrill and watching it pass through different stages helps you enjoy the experience better. Today, cannabis seeds cost a lot. So, when you grow your own weed, it helps you get a better experience at affordable costs. You can also grow marijuana for medicinal purposes at your place. If you are a beginner in this process and wondering how you can get this thrill, here are some basic steps that you need to follow when you want to grow cannabis plants indoors.

Basic essentials needed to grow cannabis plants indoors

When you want to grow your own weed and smoke the buds that you have grown, you should be well-aware of the basic essentials that are needed for this process. You need proper lighting, fresh air, the right growing medium, perfect temperature settings, and exact amount of nutrients and water that has the right pH balance. Weed should be exposed to all of these factors if it has to grow to the level you expect.  Your plants would need a lot of ventilation and filters. A high-quality carbon filter is essential to drive away the strong smell that marijuana plants emanate. This smell can bother the people in your neighbourhood.

Choosing the seeds

How many seeds would you need to grow marijuana inside your house? This is an important question that you have to consider because these seeds come with a price. If you buy regular seeds, there is an equal chance for your cannabis plant to be male of females. Unfortunately, male plants don’t produce marijuana. Therefore, they are discarded once they get into the flowering stage. In this case, you have to buy at least 20 seeds if you want to grow 10 plants. To make things easier for you, there is a new type of seeds called feminized seeds. As the name suggests, these are specifically bred to produce only female plants, thereby saving a great deal of time for you. In this case, for 10 plants, it is enough to buy exactly 10 feminized seeds, because you are sure that they are going to produce female plants only. However, we would recommend you to buy one or two extra.

Germination process

If you want to know how to grow weed indoors effectively, you should know fully well about the germination process.  Once the seeds are inserted into the peat pellets and kept moist, it has to be maintained at room temperature until it sprouts. Once you see the small sprout coming out, you have to take care of the light settings (LED lights are recommended and they should be switched on for 18 hours and off for 6 hours). These sprouts grow very fast and once you see the roots growing quickly, you need to transfer them to a bigger pot. With the right water levels, moisture and light settings, you should see flowers in about four weeks from the time of planting.  This is the time to discard the male plants. After the flowers have grown big enough, harvest them, dry them and enjoy them!