Statement Jewelry Makes The Perfect Pre-holiday Gift


 ‘Tis the season to ponder and worry over the perfect holiday gifts for all the ladies in your life. Whether it’s your mom, sister, daughter, girlfriend or the love of your life, finding the right present can be tricky. Luckily, jewelry is always a much-loved present. Not only is jewelry a gift that every woman craves, it’s also a traditional display of love and affection.

But why wait until December 25 to surprise her with a pretty new piece of jewelry? The weeks leading up to Christmas are filled with parties, galas, family get-togethers and cocktail events. Right now, many women are hitting malls and fashion websites in search of the perfect outfit for every event on their calendar.

This year, move up your gift exchange and surprise your BFF, sister, mom or wife with something sparkly to show off at all her holiday events.  A new statement accessory lets her walk into every social occasion confidently. Plus, a piece of statement jewelry given at the start of the holiday season is sure to get more use than anything else on your potential gift list.

This season, Alexandrite jewelry is one of the hottest statement looks. This rare stone, which is a form of chrysoberyl, has unique color-changing properties that make it the ultimate statement piece. In daylight, or under florescent lights, the stone appears green. However, at night, or under incandescent lighting, the stone takes on a red shade. The fascinating color combination makes Alexandrite jewelry ideal for holiday wear.  Plus, the unique color-changing effect is an excellent conversation starter that is sure to make her the center of attention. This stone is also one of the rarest gems, making it a fitting gift for a one-of-a-kind lady.

Earrings, pendants and broaches are all stunning, and seasonally appropriate ways to wear Alexandrite. However, to really show off this unique stone, opt for a statement-making cocktail ring. Created to grab attention, cocktail rings usually feature a single oversized stone, a collection of small stones or an ornate design. Perfect for everything from upscale events to casual parities, cocktail rings are the quintessential holiday accessory.

This holiday season, she doesn’t want another scented candle, bottle of body lotion or a new coffee mug. In fact, she doesn’t even really care about opening a gift on Christmas morning. What she really wants is to wow her coworkers at the office party, to leave her sister speechless with her great outfit at

family dinner and to impress everyone with her style savvy. Get started on your holiday shopping early and surprise her with a pre-holiday jewelry gift.