Things Worth Knowing About Private Label Chocolate Manufacturing


Did you know that many chocolate brands don’t make their own products? Yes, the smaller and growing brands don’t have the kind of investment that’s required for the manufacturing setup. Also, some of these companies are just trying their hand in the industry, and therefore, it makes no sense to spend hugely either. This is precisely where private label chocolate manufacturing can be extremely handy. What’s this all about? What are the things that matter in selecting a chocolate manufacturer? In this post, we will discuss these and much more.

What’s private label chocolate manufacturing?

Retailers often rely on chocolate manufacturers for their production needs. With entire setup and initial investment in place, manufacturers make the required products and label them for their clients. This whole process is known as private label chocolate manufacturing. This work both ways, because manufacturers earn their money, and retailers can sell their brands. There’s a confidentiality clause in between, mainly because retailers don’t want the customers to know about their production and selling process.

Where can I find a manufacturer?

Most companies that deal in private label chocolate manufacturing have their own websites, where you can find all the relevant details. Make sure that you check the required aspects, such as-

  • General production capabilities. Can the company deal with large and small orders? This is an important question, because you might have small orders in between.
  • Products sold. When it comes to chocolates, the range and variety can be huge. Take a moment to understand if a company can offer all kinds of innovative products.
  • What’s their estimate delivery period? For commercial orders, you cannot expect to wait for weeks. Talk to the concerned manufacturer about their average time required for delivery and whether they can handle last minute orders.
  • What’s their pricing? This is an aspect that depends on the products you want, but make sure that you consider the price factor, because outsourcing production is only helpful when you have good margins.

  • Finally, you need to ask the concerned company about their clients. Some manufacturers don’t like to mention names, but you can always check their background and reviews on online sites. Also, if the company can handle the labeling needs, it is always an added advantage, as you can just focus on selling and nothing else.

Check online to find a good company for chocolate production, and don’t miss on asking relevant questions!